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As early as 2025, all the new cars will be talking to each other

Hagai Ziss, CEO  of  Autotalks, estimates that by the end of this decade, the technology will benefit not only new cars but also existing ones, cars that were originally manufactured without it.

Orr Danon, CEO at Hailo

"AI implementation in vehicles requires dedicated Chip architecture"

AI is rapidly entering cars to support ADAS systems and autonomous driving, and to manage AI within the physical and energy limitations of vehicles we need a specific computer architecture on a dedicated chip.

Funding in the Israeli Auto-Tech goes from autonomous to ADAS and...

As Funding is virtually the “oxygen” for all businesses, talking to the people that handle the money can give us an insight of what’s going on.

Outside the box: The most interesting solutions for the Automotive and...

Yaron Flint, Director at co-pace, the startup arm of Continental in Israel, describes the logic that drives him to find interesting solutions for Continental.

Sell your car: Robotaxis will start roaming the streets as early as next year

Robotaxis will start roaming the streets next year. By 2024 will be looking at mass production, larger scale of services and hundreds of vehicles.

The world's most sophisticated vehicle radar was accidentally created!

We meet Kobi Marenko and Noam Arkind, CEO and CTO, and co-founders at Arbe, to hear about Arbe, their predictions for the future of smart mobility, and their thoughts on the Israeli auto-tech industry ecosystem.

By 2025, all new cars will be connected and updated "over the air"

Our vehicle will become a safe haven, your own quiet place. You would be able to make conference calls, work, listen to music, and we will make time in the car time well spent.

Will autonomous car be safe by 2030?

Foretellix is in the business of helping OEM’s make safer autonomous cars and robots, and the principal behind its technology coms from the silicon industry.

My car is my fortress: How to drive hackers away from our cars?

We met Ami Dotan, one of the founders of ‘Kremba‘, so that he can scare us a little with cyber dangers and fears, just so that he can later calm us down with a cure for that disease.

Party all the way to NASDAQ: Israeli smart mobility start-ups all...

The living spirit behind Ecomotion in recent years is Orlie Gruper, it’s Executive Director, whom we talk to one week before Ecomotion’s annual gathering.

Interview with Dr. Adi Gillat from H-F&Co. Law Offices

ATL Media Vison

Israel is a small country, so it was never economically viable to produce vehicles or maintain the ecosystem that allows the flourishing of automotive technology.

However, in the past 15 years, the world is undergoing a huge revolution in the fields of automotive and mobility, and as a result the high-tech talents of the Israeli “start-up nation” become attractive and significant for these innovation-prone industries.

At the same time, and regardless, the press and media are undergoing a dramatic upheaval: as citizens, we are flooded with sources of information (reliable and otherwise) and as a result, the quality of content, and with it the public’s trust in such information, has diminished.

We, as journalists, find it difficult to emphasize our uniqueness and professional expertise as those who can reach reliable sources of information and position ourselves high above the Fake News rivers – and to differentiate ourselves from the noise.

ATL is an additional, reliable, and timely information channel, which does not replace any other tool but can provide otherwise limited access to the major players in the industry. Our goal is to add to the toolbox of professional journalists a device that did not exist until now and would be useful for journalists specializing in automotive and smart transportation.


As the world’s markets becomes more global, we are all increasingly affected by events in places far away from us. News coming from the other side of the world is no longer labeled as esoteric and sooner or later will influence our neighborhoods.

When Elon Musk makes plans or decisions, it will affect an Israeli satellite that will be flown into space next year with Space X, or the construction of a hyperloop line between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. When Tesla and Mobileye confront each other – this has an impact on the development of the autonomous vehicles that will travel in a few years on the streets of Shanghai, Madrid, and Los Angeles.

As journalists, you currently obtain information through personal contacts, research, and through press releases coming from interested sources. We’d like to offer you ATL’s connections in the Israeli Auto-Tech and smart mobility ecosystem, both actively and passively.

You can get two types of information from ATL, that can help you with your work: brief periodic news about interesting news from Israel, and answers – as good as we can come up with – to questions that you may have. If you’re interested, we can also introduce you to the people most relevant to issues you will be dealing with.

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