As early as 2025, all the new cars will be talking to each other

Hagai Zyss
CEO at Autotalks

"AI implementation in vehicles requires dedicated Chip architecture"

Orr Danon
CEO and Co-Founder of Hailo

Funding goes from autonomous to ADAS and customer experience

Yakir Machluf
Vice President Of Business Development, Mobility Lead at OurCrowd

The most interesting solutions for the Automotive industry can be found in other industries

Yaron Flint
Director at co-pace, the startup arm of Continental in Israel

Sell your car: Robotaxis will roam the streets as early as next year

Nir Erez
Founder & CEO at Moovit

Arbe has created the world's most sophisticated vehicle radar

Kobi Marenko and Noam Arkind
Co-Founders of Arbe

All new cars will be connected over the air

Dvir Reznik
Director at HARMAN International Industries

Will autonomous car be safe by 2030?

Gil Amid
Co-Founder, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, VP Operations, Foretellix

My car is my fortress: How to drive hackers away from our cars?

Ami Dotan
CEO and Co-Founder, Karamba Security

Interview with Orlie Gruper, Executive Advisor, EcoMotion

Orlie Gruper
Executive Advisor, EcoMotion. Founder of Women In Mobility.

Interview with Dr. Adi Gillat, H-F&Co. Law Offices

Dr. Adi Gillat

H-F&Co. Law Offices



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